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RS485 testing

I have written a driver for an apparatus that communicates trough RS485.
But I get a lot of parity and framing errors.

If I use a RS232 bus trough a ADAM 232/485 converter it works fine.

Now what I hoped is that someone on this list has a program they have tested
that can do the following.
Send a specified telegram out on the RS485 bus and listen for a reply and
print this to a terminal.
# send "af 2d ee 33 01"
I got "12 3d 33 22 11" in reply.

I could write this program myself, yes. But I was hopping someone had done
that and verified its functionality. In order to let me exclude hardware

Martin Hansen
Student at SDU Sønderborg. www.sdu.dk
Writing final project at Danfoss drives. www.danfossdrives.com

Tlf: 74 88 54 62