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RE: Parallel portprinting problem

 I *FIXED* IT  -  YAY!

 Parallel port printing now WORKS on EXTRAX Developer 100LX.

 I have found the problems with the AXIS drivers and fixed them.
 My printers no longer hang on boot
 AND I've fixed the "reverse direction" problems mentioned in
 the release notes, at leat to the extent that I can get
 autoprobe to return device info for a 1284 compliant device.

 And it was a JLK$#(*&$# of a problem to fix.
 BTW I also found some errors/mistakes/lies in the axis documentation.
 In chapter 19 and 20 from memory.

 And just to put the boot in. I am *REALLY ANNOYED*
 that AXIS totally IGNORED my urgent pleas to them.
 Not even a "sorry we're too busy just now".
 Not happy guys!