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Audio on the LX

Hi All

Im not yet an owner of a devboard-LX but im hopefully soon to be. I've
having this list under surveillance to catch up on the problems and
solutions one might run to in the future. Im interested in building a
device like the dash-pc (www.dashpc.com), mp3/ogg-player and maybe even
gps, gsm etc. in the future. I would like to run linux since that is a
platform i new. I dont really know if this is the correct forum for this
but I would like to ask som questions to people that know the
Etrax devboards.

1) Is there any known implementations of audio on the Etraxboard. As a
"proof-of-concept" I consider using a parport D/A and I would like to know
if t~here are any limitations that prohibit this.

2) I've seen a lot of people having questions about the IDE interfaces but
only about harddrives. Does anyone have a disk and a CDROM running on the
IDE? Does the IDE consume a lot of CPU? Are there any limitations to the
size of the drives? (would 80Gb work?).

3) Is the processor fast enough to process 128kbit mp3s? Im almost sure it
does but I would like if there was a great deal of idle CPU left when
doing it.

4) Does the Etrax devboards consume a lot of power? I assume it doesnt but
if it consumes as much as an inverter and a standard PC would do i might
go on one of those instead.

I think those questions are the ones I have before buying a etrax-board
and start loborating.

Ulrik Holmen