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Re: Audio on the LX

Hi Ulrik,

> solutions one might run to in the future. Im interested in building a
> device like the dash-pc (www.dashpc.com), mp3/ogg-player and maybe even

If you're not going to mass production, I'd suggest you to consider building
this from an (old) laptop. However, if your looking for a bigger challenge,
this might be something to think about:

-Get a devboard with ATA and avoid soldering a lot of wires.

-Go for an external MPEG decoder chip. The cpu might just have enough time
for the job, but only if your routines use integers. MPG123 with floating
point emulation is not going to work for sure. In addition you would also
need to write a kernel driver with double buffering for the DAC.

-Stick to a simple LCD with a built in controller. A real graphics chip
would almost certaily result in a custom made circuit board.

IDE interface is hardly going to be a problem, it uses DMA and is
surprisingly fast. The power consumption is around 1-2 W without a harddisk.


Jarkko Tuomi