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two small ones

Hi there again,

Hey, you've been helpfull sofar so I say to myself: What the heck - let's 
give it a try again:

1) Previous on the list you have been talking about the RTC and how to set 
it's time. No prob there, but someone also said it was possible to store the 
time in the battery backed up RTC. Now, is there really a battery on the 
devboard ? I sure as hell can't find any - but I'm no electronic specialist 
so... The thing is, I would really like to be able to retain correct time 
(correctish anyway) even after a power shortage - without having to resort to 
UPS and/or remote time server. Help !?

2) What am I missing about using another serial port as debug port in the 
kernel config ? Shouldn't CONFIG_ETRAX_DEBUG_PORT* and enabling the said port 
with CONFIG_ETRAX_SERIAL_PORT* be enough ?

With regards - John Bindby - Botech AB