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Re: two small ones

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From: "John Bindby" <john.bindby@xxxxxxx.se>
To: <dev-etrax@xxxxxxx.com>
Sent: Monday, May 13, 2002 13:25
Subject: two small ones

> Hi there again,
> Hey, you've been helpfull sofar so I say to myself: What the heck - let's 
> give it a try again:
> 1) Previous on the list you have been talking about the RTC and how to set 
> it's time. No prob there, but someone also said it was possible to store the 
> time in the battery backed up RTC. Now, is there really a battery on the 
> devboard ? I sure as hell can't find any - but I'm no electronic specialist 
> so... The thing is, I would really like to be able to retain correct time 
> (correctish anyway) even after a power shortage - without having to resort to 
> UPS and/or remote time server. Help !?

On the devboard it's actually normally a capacitor mounted, 
although there is an alternative footprint to fit a battery as well.
However, to charge the capacitor you need to enable the "tripplecharger"
in the rtc chip.
Try running: 
hwtestrtc -c1
to enable it and put that in the inittab or an init script.

> 2) What am I missing about using another serial port as debug port in the 
> kernel config ? Shouldn't CONFIG_ETRAX_DEBUG_PORT* and enabling the said port 
> with CONFIG_ETRAX_SERIAL_PORT* be enough ?

You probably need to change the /dev/console link as well.
> With regards - John Bindby - Botech AB