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Re: RTC and trickle charge

> Ciao,
> > If you do extensive testing please let us know!
> I wouldn't call it extensive, but everything below two hours seems ok - then 
> it starts to slow - and three hours is definitely the upper limit...
> One should be able to get a theoretical limit from the fact that the RTC 
> consumes 1uW and the capacitor is a 100nF...or maybe not... ;)
> This alternative footprint you were talking about - is it available for sale 
> perhaps ?
> Regards - JB

The footprint is there, the three holes around the capacitor between ETRAX 
and the serial port is the alternative footprint for a battery.
However we don't produce any board with that mounted AFAIK.
If you have fairly large volumes we might do that, otherwise
if you're handy with a soldering iron and just need a few boards
I guess you could simply remove the capacitor and replace it with a 
suitable battery.

The following sources of the battery is specified in our system:
CR2032RH from RANATA, http://www.renataus.com/pcmount.htm
CR2032-FT1 from Sanyo,
CR2032 T14 from MAXELL
CR2032 F1GE1 MOD=15.2mm from FUJI SAFT NIFE