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RE: could not open boa.conf for reading


	You have not provided enough information for anyone to really
	help you. 
	What did you do that resulted in it not working...
	("Nothing" is not a good answer :-))
	What overall changes were you making.
	Did you compile and make the images correctly ?

	boa normally runs as root so it should be able to access the files
	but nevertheless check the permissions of the file AND ALL its parent
	directories. If unsure set all parent dirs to at least 755
	and set the file itself to 644.

	Also change to the boa user (root) and check you can 'cat' the file.
	Maybe there is a problem with the flash filing system: /etc is symlink
	to /mnt/flash ... but I'm not a guru on that yet :-)



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Hi all,
I've got some problems with the boa web server in teh Axis Developer
Board Lx. It worked fine until some days ago. Now i get I message
while booting teh Board ('could not open boa.conf for reading')
and it doesn't work. I've revised the SERVER_ROOT in defines.h
and it seems it's OK (the file boa.conf is in the directory defined
by the SERVER_ROOT in defines.h). Does anybody knows how can I solve
this problem?
Thanks in