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RE: could not open boa.conf for reading

I know that the information i have provided is not very helpful.
But this is my greatest problem: I don't know how could i change
anything in the web server. As I say, it worked fine. I was working
with a modem and ppp getting changes in some files to get ppp and chat
works. I was making this changes from the html page of the devboard in
files like the ppp options file the chat options file... 

> 	What overall changes were you making.
> 	Did you compile and make the images correctly ?
 I think so 
> 	boa normally runs as root so it should be able to access the files
> 	but nevertheless check the permissions of the file AND ALL its >  >
>       parent
> 	directories. If unsure set all parent dirs to at least 755
> 	and set the file itself to 644.
Ive checked all the parent directories and the permissions are right.

I know this is still not enough information to help you helping me :-)
but as I say it's my greatest problem