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Re: uClibc support

On Mon, 27 May 2002, Jerome Lefranc wrote:
> Why does Axis not support uClibc for e100lx anymore ?
> Is there a plan to support it ?

The newer versions of uClibc support linking as a dynamic library, and 
along with our Linux 2.4 upgrade required a re-porting effort. 

We're doing the last work on the uClibc dynamic linker (ld.so) now, it had 
some problems because it was hardcoded for a 4096-byte/page architecture 

Anyway, I don't know if we're _officially_ going to support it but as soon 
as it's running it will be submitted back to the uClibc maintainers for 
inclusion. Within a week or two I guess.. (the guy who's doing the work is 
going to beat me up for saying that :)

From what I've seen, the size of the library and the dynamic linker is 
substantially smaller than glibc (as was the older uClibc), but on the other 
hand might require more care when using and debugging..