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Problems with multipoint on btdm

I´m working whith btdm aplication running in ETRAX100LX (/bin/btdm) as server, and an Ericsson bluetooth module connected on a PC ttyS1 serial port as client. Moreover, I have a PDA that works as client as well. When I connect both individually whith the developer board they works fine, but when I try point to multipoint connection it doesn´t work.
I´ve read in bluetooth-dev-archive that if I add on btconfig.h :
on the client and server side and
on the server side
it will work fine but I´m not sure.
Where is btconfig.h? Or is btconf.h?
Does my aplication support multipoint connections?
How can I get positive results?

Thank you for your useful help in advanced.

I´m sorry about the previous failured email.

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