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RE: sys time to hw time WAS: two small ones

 From: Stefan Koch [mailto:stefan.koch@xxxxxxx.ch]
 Sent: Wednesday, May 29, 2002 2:43 PM

> is there a difference in setting the system clock and setting 
> the rtc? 
Yes rtc is the hardware clock, and system time is the time in the running
Normal the kernel clock I more precise than that of a hardware clock

on a normal pc you update the hardware clock with the system time, by
issuing a command like
# hwclock --systohw

And on most pc systems this is done on power down, in order to remember the
time between reboots

> What
> ntp can do is get the time of another system (providing it 
> offers an ntp
> server service) and then continiously keep the clock speed in 
> synch with
> this system. 
rdate does almost the same thing only that it only update the time once and
then exits.

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