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Adding a USB connecctor


I'm trying to add a USB connector to the Axis Dev Board LX.  I have
already viewed the schematic drawing "How to add a USB device to your
Developer Board LX card".  Before I actually hook this up, I would like to
ask a few questions.

When looking at the Philips Semiconductor website, I wanted to look at the
datasheet for the PDIUSBP11A USB XCVR.  They had general hookup diagrams
that "sort of" matched the one from Axis.

First of all, Philips  uses a 24 Ohm series resistor on both D+ and D-
between the XCVR and the port.  There is also a 1.5K pullup resistor on
D+.  Why are these resistors missing on the dev-board schematics??  Also,
pin 1 of the USB connector is 5.0V Vcc. What is the Vbus signal on the
Axis schematics?  Do I just connect this to the 5V power on my board??


Randy Holman