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packet drops in the ETRAX100LX ethernet

Hi all,

I have some problem in the ETRAX100LX ethernet.

I have tested two types of ETRAX100LX chips at the
same PCB and same flash image.
The older model is "AXT6212 17854 A0147",
and newer is       "AXT6212 18816 A0214".

When using OLDER,
the network bootloading is completed just 1~2 seconds,
and there's no packet drops at pinging in the local

But using NEWER,
it takes almost 2~3 minutes in the network
and there's approximately 10% packet drops at pinging
in the local network.

I have tested other chips of the two models,
the result is all the same.


Best Regards,
Hyojun Kim / Cellinx Systems

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