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Re: slow (really slow)

> From: John Bindby <john.bindby@xxxxxxx.se>
> Date: Fri, 7 Jun 2002 14:58:59 +0200

> > > Howcome a program that takes sub 1min to compile with g++ takes 14min
> > > with g++-cris?
> >
> > I don't know.  Even if you stated what g++ version you compare
> > against, I probably couldn't tell without significant analysis.
> Ahh, I thought perhaps it was a known issue.
> (but anyway it's 2.95.3 for gcc and 2.96 for cris)

(2.96 is not a unique version identifier here; the
cris-dist-<N.M> version or R<N> identifier is.  But that's
uninteresting anyway here.)

It *is* known that there's slowdown between 2.95 and later
versions, but a 14x slowdown is definitely not expected.

> Well, since the output is ok, it really doesn't matter that much...
> (But sure, I'll install it and see.)

For what it's worth, comparison figures between 3.1 and your
current installed gcc version (2.95.3) should carry over to some
extent to the probably-next cris-dist-release.


brgds, H-P