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in the makespec file the is this parameter -r R<something> after each
packages/filesystem -r R1_0_2 

what is it for?

And another question, the Makefile contains some commands to create links on
the target, I would think this should have been placed in a package, so I
could comment this out from the makespec. Is this an "ups" or is there a
reason for this?

I am referring the lines:
 	@xxxxxxx.sh that uses bootblocktool as paramtool
	ln -sf ../../../bin/paramtool.sh
	ln -sf ../../../bin/hwtestio $(prefix)/usr/html/admin-bin/hwtestio
	ln -sf ../../../bin/hwtestrtc $(prefix)/usr/html/admin-bin/hwtestrtc
	ln -sf ../../../bin/hwtesteeprom \
	ln -sf ../../../bin/hwtestserial \
	ln -sf ../../../bin/hwtest $(prefix)/usr/html/admin-bin/hwtest
	ln -sf ../../../bin/editcgi.cgi
	ln -sf ../../../bin/bootblocktool \

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