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RE: HDD on Etrax100LX IDE developer board

On Sat, 8 Jun 2002, Alex Yoon wrote:
> Hi dev-etrax
> We hope to get solution ASAP.

Well, you have to tell us what is wrong first :) See my older mail:

> Hi Alex and others,
> Without proper debugging symbols, it's difficult to say what is wrong, 
> unfortunately. I need to know what that calltrace means, and to know that I 
> either need the System.map file or vmlinux file associated with the kernel 
> build that Oopsed, or a "ksymoops" output.
> I'd also need to know if this happens every time mke2fs is run, or was just 
> a onetime error, and if it _only_ happens when mke2fs runs. Also if they 
> have tried more than one HDD to avoid possible errors due to a faulty disk.