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Compiling Kernel 2.4.18?

I'm not that experienced in using Linux so my guess is that this is an 
easy question for most of you.

Tonight I tried compiling kernel 2.4.18 just for fun.
In linux/Makefile i changed to
ARCH := cris
CROSS_COMPILE  := $(shell dirname `gcc-cris -print-prog-name=as`)/

I then use make menuconfig but I get an error message and no options in 
the config menu.
scripts/Menuconfig: line 1:  3921 Segmentation fault      awk "$1"
scripts/Menuconfig: ./MCmenu5: line 93: syntax error: unexpected end of file
make: *** [menuconfig] Error 139

Using make config and later make kernel the linker aborts at this error
mm/mm.o: In function `init_bootmem_core':
mm/mm.o(.text.init+0x27e): undefined reference to `phys_to_virt'
mm/mm.o: In function `__alloc_bootmem_core':
mm/mm.o(.text.init+0x60e): undefined reference to `phys_to_virt'
mm/mm.o(.text.init+0x63c): undefined reference to `phys_to_virt'
mm/mm.o(.text.init+0x674): undefined reference to `phys_to_virt'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

Is there something else I need to change or did I do anything the wrong way?

Anders Hasselqvist