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Re: Re: error message "Device out of space" while writing to flash 2

On Tue, 2002-06-11 at 18:08, Andreas Malzahn wrote:
> - i appended  the bootlog from 'dmesg', this seems OK,
> - i also deleted the file 'network.conf' already but when i try to create it
> with 'cp mac.conf network.conf' from the console, I get the 'Device out of
> space'.
>  there are 2 larger files on /etc, one 70kByte, one 30kByte.

Since df says that there are only 72kB free, It is possible that JFFS is
unable to move the 70kB large file in a way that a new block could be
erased and reused. In that case the "File system full" error is correct.
JFFS ought to write error messages if it gets into real trouble, but I
dont think that a full file system is considered to be such a problem.
Try removing some files from JFFS (/mnt/flash).

I'm not sure about this though. You ought to ask the jffs-dev mailing

> is there a way to start the garbage collection without erasing the whole
> file system?

You should not have to (but there might be a way, jffs-dev again).

> the manual workaround is not reasonable, because customers will change the
> network address later and they have no access to the console (and wouldn't
> accept this solution).

Of course. You should never have to do such a thing. JFFS ought to
handle it.