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Re: insmod: unresolved symbol __copy_user

in /proc/ksyms I have
60051782 __generic_copy_from_user_R__ver___generic_copy_from_user
60051744 __generic_copy_to_user_R__ver___generic_copy_to_user
6005182e strnlen_user_R__ver_strnlen_user
600a33c4 __copy_user_zeroing_R__ver___copy_user_zeroing
600a332c __copy_user_R__ver___copy_user
but not __copy_user
How can I include it in my kernel?
In my program I user copy_from_user and copy_to_user

Best regards,

Pierre Filliolaud
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> Hi,
> when you look into the /proc/ksyms file do you see the name of your
"unresolved symbol" ?
> if it's the case you should look into your object file by using binutils
objectdump programm to know if your unresolved symbole are known as
"_NameOfSymbol" or "NameOfSymbol".
> if they are known as "_NameOfSymbol" you should had in your compilation
flags "-fno-leading-underscore"
> Good luck.
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