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PPP segmentation fault


i need help i'm craking !!!

I work on a bluetooth acces point with implementation of PPP.

I use devboard_lx software ver 2.1 with kernel 2.4.14.
i have implemented bluetooth stack and PPP on the kernel option .
i can start the bluetooth stack correctly but when i wont
to start a PPP connection above Bluetooth Protocol i get
the following message :

> Segmentation Fault

i'don't know what append ?

In the past PPP work fine with devboard_lx software version 2.0
but now it don't whont with version 2.1.

Could you please help me

You will find my kernelconfig and the bootlog of the devboard lx.

(See attached file: kernelconfig.txt)(See attached file: kmsg.txt)

note :  ppp in /dev is only in "cr--------" and not in "crw-------" mode
how can i change it ?

Thanks very much in your help

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