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Missing files

Dear all,
When I install the dev_board software I get such error as
In file included from termcap.c: 26:
/usr.local/cris/lib/gcc-lib/cris/2.96/include/termios.h:4:24: sys/termios.h: No such file or directory
I also cannot find ioctl.h and features.h under the cris directory.
I looked into the sys directory under /include and could not find the demanded header files, can anybody tell me anything wrong with my installation of the cris compiling tools.
I am quite new to the software and linux os, I can do nothing without have the devboard_lx successfully installed. Please help me with this too elementary problem. Thanks in advance.
I am using the cris-dist-1.15, red-hat 6.2 and the latest devboard_lx.
Wang Kangning