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Re: Using other than kernel mentioned in devboard software

On Sat, 15 Jun 2002, Anders Hasselqvist wrote:
> I have a simple question. Now when the kernel source for the Cris 
> architecture is supplied in the archives from www.kernel.org, shouldn't 
> you be able to just download the archive and compile/use it with the 
> devboard software?

In theory, yes.

> I downloaded 2.4.18 just for fun. It wasn't hard to get working (with a 
> little help from this list) but shouldn't it work just "out of the box"?
> I had to change:
> arch/cris/drivers/Config.in
> mm/bootmem.c

The missing include from bootmem has been tricky to get through the "guards" 
into marcelos kernel. 

Config.in is my screwup I think.. 

Apart from that, the difficult thing with downloading the official kernel 
releases are that if "they" make changes to the i386 port and architecture 
API during the last minute before a release, the CRIS version of the patches 
won't be included until after the real release. We're reasonably in sync 
with the official kernel now though..