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Hi again,

Lets see if anyone can explain this to me:

* The current release of boa according to sourceforge and it's official 
webpage (www.boa.org) is 0.94.12. This release does not contain any support 
for basic authentification. (Four weeks ago Jon Nelson (the maintainer of 
boa) also stated in the forum that no such support exists.)

* The boa release bundled with devboard_lx 2.1.0 is 0.92, and it conatins 
support for said authentification....also it's stated in the header that Jon 
Nelson is the author of this code.

So far - so strange. But it get's better:

* THTTPD is another web-server suited for embedded use. Is does contain 
support for '.htpasswd'. Comparing the code in thtppd and boa gives pretty 
much an exact match. Copy and paste that is....!

Now, what am I missing here, please ?

Note1 : As far as I know  - since boa is GPL and THTTPD is freeware(?) - no 
laws or rules have been violated. It's just pretty confusing, and perhaps 
somewhat ugly....

Note2 : I really could be missing something.  ;-)

Regards - John Bindby