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Re: ?que?

Minor off topic warning for me and Martin...

> GPL and freeware are _not_ compatible!

Well, I for one must disagree with that statement.
GPL is a (pretty) well defined _specific_ license. Freeware, shareware, 
public domain etc are just different license forms in which the specific 
license is what matters (and that can contain just about anything). 
As such, freeware _can_ be most compatible with GPL!

(In the case of THTTPD I've found no license statement whatsoever...)

> Freeware only defines the price it don't define freedom.

In this I agree completely, though even if freeware implicitly defines price, 
it can also explicitly define freedom!

I think we can all agree to that one should be very carefull, and in unclear 
situations not do anything without the express written permission by the 
author / copyright holder.

Best Regards - John Bindby