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Re: BGA Socket's

In case you don't get any takers, I can recommend a good alternative.
We've used sockets from Ironwood Electronics
(http://www.ironwoodelectronics.com/) with Etrax100LX chips and have had
good luck with them. They're a little expensive, but there's no minimum
order and they have the advantage of not requiring any soldering- the
socket mounts mechanically to your PCB and accepts the BGA part without
any intermediate/soldered-on header. Plus, the socket's footprint is
identical to that of the BGA part itself (i.e. you can take the socket off
and mount the BGA directly in the future).
	good luck!

On Tue, 18 Jun 2002, Karsten Saunte wrote:

> We are currently in the development process of a design based on the 100
> LX MCM and due to limited availability we find it necessary to buy sockets
> for prototyping.
> We need to buy at least 8 sockets (around $620 in total)
> We do not need that many - half will do (we hope :-)
> Anyone wants to share (or has a better idea)?
> This is the socket(s) in question :
> http://www.methode.com/connector/pdfs/bga_socket.pdf