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Re: Include lib

Hans-Peter Nilsson wrote:
> > From: Per-Ola Svensson <posa@xxxxxxx.se>
> > Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 21:38:51 +0200
> > I can't make the images includes some nessecery shared libraries. It's a
> > standard library (libdl) and it is copied to target/cris-axis-linux-gnu after
> > a "make install". But when the "make images" is run, it will not include the
> > library to the images.
> > Please, anyone know how to make it work?
> Does "make install" install a program that is linked to libdl
> and which is included in the "flashed" image?  If it does, then
> there's a bug in the installation procedure.  I'd need more
> details to proceed, so please come back if that's the case.
> If no program links to libdl, libdl won't be installed: DSOs
> (ELF shared libraries) that aren't linked to a program are
> excluded from the "flashed" root filesystem image.  There are
> exceptions for special DSOs that are known to only be loaded
> dynamically, like libnss_files.so.2 and libnss_dns.so.2.  (Note
> that these DSOs are loaded dynamically through functions in
> libc, not those in libdl, which may otherwise seem confusing
> since libdl wasn't included here!)
> If you want libdl.so.2 installed *without* installing any
> program linked to it (presumably useful during development, when
> uploading the program by other means), add it same way as those
> mentioned DSOs in the cramfs.img rule in the toplevel Makefile.

i had similar problems with the iptables libraries under /lib/iptables/
i added them to the DSOs list in the Makefile, as well as the code that
scans through /lib/iptables
to look for required libraries (in addition to /lib and /usr/lib).
it almost works now, but i still have to add manually the following line
to /lib/romfs_meta.txt
	Include: /lib/iptables
before i do a make images.