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Porting libpthread.so.0

Dear All,
I have made the openbt into image. But I cannot find the executable file after I flashit'd to the board. The I have gotta ftp it into the /mnt/flash/ directory. But when I try to run the bt executable file, I got error messge that libpthread.so.0 cannot be found.
My first question is whether the libpthread.so.0 under the devboard_lx/target/lib/ can be used DIRECTLY in the devboard.
My second question is if the library can be used directly, can I just put it under /mnt/flash, instead of /lib?
My third question is that the free space in Flash is not enough to hold the library, what should I do?
I think someone should have met such a problem before, or I just made some precedure wrong when building the image. Can some give ma a clue to get the bt stack work with the library? Great thanks in advance.
Wang Kangning