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USB Bluetooth error....but device detetcted

i have made the usb extension proposed from axis on the developer board
when i connect my usb dongle on the usb port...i get follow message:
USB new device connect on vus1/2, assigned device number 2
bluetooth.c : USb Bluetooth converter detetcted
bluetooth.c : BLuetooth converter now attached to ttyUB0 (or usb/ttub/0 vor devs)
but when i start the bti programm like :
bti --reset --physdev /dev/ttyUB0
i get follow messages (errors) :
BT SYS: Initialising HCI Inbuffers [800]
BT SYS: Reading buffer sizes in HW module
usb-host.c: Stall for edip2
cmd_timeout: TImeout when waiting for command response
BT SYS: ERROR: hci_read_firmware_rev_info [Generic] not supported
BT SYS: ERROR: HCI failed to initialise
...Shutting down bluetooth stack
who can help me please ? thanmkx