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RE: PCMCIA interface in software


We are also trying to add a PCMCIA interface to the devboard.  We have
worked with it extensively in the past, but are now trying to implement
PCMCIA.  We have already added our own Bluetooth circuitry and want to add
802.11 support as well through the PCMCIA interface.  Could you please
send us this connection list as well??  We've been researching how to
connect the etrax 100LX to implement PCMCIA, but have been unsuccessful
thus far.

Please let me know when you find this connection list.  It would be very
beneficial to us.  Also, could you give us any tips on preparing the
devboard for this PCMCIA "upgrade"?


Randy Holman

On Wed, 26 Jun 2002, Mikael Starvik wrote:

> Hi,
> The patch uses signals from the parallel ports and the
> serial ports. I have a connection list somewhere. I can
> send it to you when I find it.
> What card are you trying to connect? The only card we
> have tested with is a Prism-II based 802.11b card. The
> software based solution only have 10 adress lines and
> this limits the number of usable cards.
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> Hi i read this passage in  peripherals.html
> "We have with pretty good result implemented the PCMCIA interface in
> software. It depends completely on the speed and complexibility of the
> device if this will be successful or not. It is possible to patch an Etrax
> 100LX developer board to test the PCMCIA interface."
> dose anyone know anything about this patch. I am just starting out with the
> dev board and need to add a PCMCIA interface.
> thanks
> pascal