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Kernel panic caused by ping -f & iptables problems...

hello ! 

i compiled the 2.1.0 kit and installed it on to the dev board ... 

if i ping the dev board with "ping -f -s 3000 axis_ip" the kernel crash with 
Aieeee, kernel panic. 

always different process are killed one time it was grep, one time ipsetd, 
ifconfig, swapper (pid 0 !!), or a script... He kill a random programm.. and 
then kernel crash... 


one time i had a strange error ... :
Linux 2.4.14 on a cris (console)
axis login:rot (with a mistake)
Password: ***** 

Login incorrect Jan 1 00:01:52 axis login: LOGIN FAILURE ON ttyS2, rot 

axis login:cat /pro  KERNEL BUG at
Login timed out after 60 seconds 

(this time the system does not crash...) 


the other problem is iptables... why iptables modules are not included in 
the compiled version ?? and the kernel does not have iptables compiled in by 
default ... 

Thanks !! 

Alexander Poltorak
Alsenet S.A.