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RE: BUGS in kernel / ethernet - CPU ...


Please refer to my answer to your other email. I
think the necessary updates will be available in
2.4.19 when released. They will also be included
in the next developer board release.


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Subject: BUGS in kernel / ethernet - CPU ...

Hello !!

I tested the network on the devboard_lx ...

then i flood the board with "ping -s 64'000 devboard_ip" it crush ...
sommes process crash & restart because of respown in inittab, some
athers crush and 1 minute later the board crash ... Kernel panic .

We did a litle firewall rules for restrict packets to 100 packets/sec
and the width of packets to 10'000 bytes and it work with small packets.

But, if packets becomme bigger like 64'000 i have a Kernel panic.

I think what the CPU is to slow to handle all packets and analise if he
need to answer or not ...

Without iptables fw it crash more rapidly but it crush anyway...

Pls help !!

I don't understand why a 10/100 Mbps ethernet card on a board which
can't handle it and crash ... 

Thanks for your answers.

Alexander Poltorak
Alsenet S.A.