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Re. Add device

Thank you so much for your help. I have added the device into the list.
However, I have got a new problem of opening the device. I cannot even open the /dev/lp0 on devboard. Can you tell me what is going wrong here?
Thanks a lot.
Best regards,
Wang Kangning
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You must add the enty in the dev directory. For an example take a look in e.g.
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Subject: Add device

Dear All,
I have written a parallel driver and have it added, following the instructions for LCD driver,  into the devboard_lx/target/dev/ directory. Then after I ./flashit, I could not find the device under /dev in the etrax_100lx board. Can anybody tell me why I cannot have the device under /target/dev ported into the board's flash? Any extra configuration I should do? Thanks in advance.
I am sure I have flashed the memory, since the network setting is reset to default.
Wang Kangning