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application compilation

I am trying to compile an application program "mview" which grabs jpeg
images from a usb camera connected to the etrax100lx board. When I
compile it for the host by doing 'Make host' it compiles fine and the
resulting  executable program works well on the pc. However when I
compile it for the etrax board by doing 'Make cris-axis-linux-gnu' it
gives me an error. The program uses the header file sys/types.h
and complains that there is a parse error on line 180 of types.h near
character 031.. Apparently the compiler and the header files do not seem
to be compatible. Can any one indicate to me which will be the right
headers files ? The details of the programs I am using are as under :-


cris-dist-1.16-1.i386.rpm   compiler tools.
linux 2.4.14

There is no clear instruction in the literature on which headers files
are to be used where.