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Re: application compilation

> Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 17:46:39 +0530
> From: babulnat <babulnat@xxxxxxx.com>

> I am trying to compile an application program "mview" which grabs jpeg
> images from a usb camera connected to the etrax100lx board. When I
> compile it for the host by doing 'Make host' it compiles fine and the
> resulting  executable program works well on the pc. However when I
> compile it for the etrax board by doing 'Make cris-axis-linux-gnu' it
> gives me an error. The program uses the header file sys/types.h
> and complains that there is a parse error on line 180 of types.h near
> character 031..

I've never seen that one.  Can you please cut-and-paste the
actual error message?  Could you also possible point me to the
actual source?  Alternatively, please add "-save-temps" to the
gcc-cris command where you get the error, and send me that exact
command line and the *.i file. The .i file is like the
normally-generated *.o but it contains the preprocessed source
that lets me see the exact code that gcc-cris tries to compile.

> Apparently the compiler and the header files do not seem
> to be compatible.

Or rather, I think the problem is local to mview one way or

> Can any one indicate to me which will be the right
> headers files ? The details of the programs I am using are as under :-

As long as you installed from cris-dist-1.16-1.i386.rpm and
devboard_lx-R2_1_0 there should be no problem.  (There's a newer
cris-dist-1.17, but it solves problems unrelated to what you

brgds, H-P