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Ethernet driver 10 not 100 Mbps

Hello all! 

I patched the ethernet and others file of kernel 2.4.14 and the kernel can 
now handle large size packets without crashing. 

Now we have make somes tests with the devboard... our switch show the 
devboard as a 100 Mbps but the kernel handle only 10 mbps... it's easy to 
see with iptables on the board and iptraf on the PC ... 

The second thing is a litle (1 second) sleep of the ethernet in plain BIG 
BIG ICMP flood ... the board respond at 10 Mbps and some times the ethernet 
led stop a second and restart to send/receve packeges ... 

Is it possible to have a real 100 Mbps on the board ?? 

And we also noticed what where is not enough memory on the board to fragment 
big packeges with a big speed ... 

is simple way to add na normal 8 MB compact flash ?? (an old flash from my 
kodak digital photo) 


Thanks !! 

PS: sorry for my english... 

Alexander Poltorak
Alsenet S.A.