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RE: AW: dealing with time zones and daylight savig offset on Etrax100lx


Newer versions of uC-libc implements tzset but we haven't made
any CRIS capable release of uC-libc containing a proper tzset

uC-libc can be found at: http://www.uclibc.org/. If you are
lucky it is fairly simple to move the tzset implementation
from misc/time/time.c


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Stefan Schober wrote:

| Stefan Koch wrote:
| | Dear Stefan
| |
| | after some digging I found the good old TZ environment variable still
| | working. Within /etc/profile I set the TZ variable as bellow. Here the
| | setting for European dailight saving time with a offset of +1h to
the UTC
| | zone (working for Zurich/Switzerland):
| |
| |     TZ=CET-1DST,M3.5.0/1,M10.5.0/1
| |
| |
| |  stefan
| this might work for the new Etrax 100LX board. I'm still using the old
| Etrax 100 running eLinux (ucLinux, kernel 2.0.38). This system seems to
| ignore any TZ setting. I haven't been able to get it to respect time
| zone settings. Any hint or link to further information concerning time
| zones on Etrax 100 is gretly appreciated.

Now after some investigations I'm pretty sure to know the reason for
this "feature" :-)

Look at the implementation of the function `tzset ()' from the version
of uC-libc I'm using, which you will find attached to this message.

Now I'm asking, if there exists another version of tzset(), which works
or if it is possible to replace uC-libc by a more recent release, which
implements tzset().

kind regards

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