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New compiler tools release: cris-dist-1.19

There's a new release of the compiler tools.  For GNU/Linux,
this release is expected to be used together with linux-headers
for linux-2.4.14 (included in cris-dist-linux-headers-1.19.tar.gz),
but there should be no issues using this release together with
older kernels.  It has been tested together with deboard_lx-R2_1_0.
No compatibility issues are expected from cris-dist-1.17 to
cris-dist-1.19; you do not have to re-build anything.

(The second GCC bug below was discovered before cris-dist-1.18
had "left the house", hence it was never distributed outside of

Upgrading is definitely recommended.

General changes since cris-dist-1.17:

- Bugfix 1:
  This code was miscompiled:
   int p; int k; unsigned int n = 30;
   void x ()
     unsigned int h;
     h = n <= 30;
     if (h) p = 1; else p = 0;
     if (h) k = 1; else k = 0;

- Bugfix 2:
  There was an internal compiler error (no miscompiled code,
  though) that looked like:
   x.c:340: Unrecognizable insn:
   (insn 717 621 622 (set (reg:SI 12 r12)
	   (sign_extend:SI (mem:QI (mem:SI (plus:SI (reg:SI 14 sp)
			   (const_int 37 [0x25])) 0) 0))) -1 (nil)
   x.c:340: Internal compiler error in `extract_insn', at recog.c:2044

  The "sign_extend" and the two "mem" on the same line are key;
  there may be other bugs that will get a similar-looking message
  but with a different pattern.

Glibc-related changes:

- A problem with msgfmt (GNU gettext) 0.11.1 and newer has been

Binutils-related changes:

- FSF binutils 2.12.1 has been merged in, with some subsequent
  bug-fixes added.  This should not have any visible effect,

The compiler tools are available in five forms: as a source
SRPM, as a binary RPM, as a binary .deb package, Debian source
description and as "pure" sources; gzipped tar-balls.  The
binary RPM is suitable for i386-type host machines
(i[3456]86-pc-linux-gnu) running Red Hat Linux release 6.2 to
(at least) 7.2.  The Debian binary package is similarly suitable
for PC:s running releases starting with Potato to (at least)

The SRPM and RPM are available at:

The Debian binary package is at:

The Debian source package files (which require the source
tarballs below to be retrieved separately) is at:

The corresponding source tar-balls are in three parts at:

If you need to install from the tar-ball sources (though the
binary or source packages are strongly recommended), first
unpack the cris-dist-1.19.tar.gz tar-ball, then "cd cris-dist-1.19"
and unpack the latter two tar-balls in that directory.
Further installation instructions are available in the file
README in the cris-dist-1.19.tar.gz tar-ball.

Older releases are moved to the subdirectory "old"
("old/debian-dsc" for old Debian build description files) with
every new release.

brgds, H-P