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RE: cgi access

> Hi all,
>      Can anyone give me some information regarding to 
> Boa server on the axis developer board. I installed 
> boa server on PC and i know how to write scripts.
> how to access scripts from browser. I will keep all
> scripts /cgi-bin/ directory.
> i modified scriptalias in Boa.conf
> ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ "/var/www/cgi-bin/"
> But I want to know how to write scripts and where to
> place 

The /var/www/cgi-bin is useful for scripts you want to try "on-the-fly",
i.e. upload with FTP and execute without rebooting. However, for permanent
scripts a common practise for Axis servers is to put them in the read-only
directory /usr/html/, with a boa.conf containing for instance:

ScriptAlias /admin-bin/ /usr/html/admin-bin/
ScriptAlias /axis-cgi/admin/ /usr/html/axis-cgi/admin/
ScriptAlias /axis-cgi/scripts/ /usr/html/axis-cgi/scripts/

> and how to transfer to developer board.

How to build and boot is described on http://developer.axis.com/doc/

Your CGI script is just another application that needs to be compiled or
just uploaded if it is s script. Unfortunately PERL is too big for our
embedded systems so you cannot run CGI scripts written in PERL.

Finally, FastCGI is not supported by boa but a similar concept is supported
by a so called "transfer mechanism". The idea is to forward requests to
already runnings processes just as for FastCGI, rather than starting
processes for each new request. Check boa.conf for more info.