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Re: How to add library for iptables ???

> From: franck.delpino@xxxxxxx.com
> Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 16:41:30 +0200

> i have compiled succesfully iptables for the devboard but when i need to
> use it
> for masquerading a connection i have the return message

> how to add this two library on the devboard ??

I haven't tries this, but as mentioned by others in previous
messages, I suspect you need to (in devboard_lx):
 echo 'Include: iptables' >> files/lib/romfs_meta.txt
 mkdir files/lib/iptables
 echo 'Include: libipt_MASQUERADE.so' >> files/lib/iptables/romfs_meta.txt
 echo 'Include: libipt_standard.so' >> files/lib/iptables/romfs_meta.txt

(Beware of typos.)

> Note: before  i have try to compile iptable with the option : NO_SHARED_LIBRARY=1
> but the compilation fail

How did it fail?  What were the error messages?  I need that
kind of information to comment usefully and solve any problems.

brgds, H-P