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Réf. : RE: #### BLUETOOTH SUCCESS #####

hi jon,

The Mitsumi module is in fact a CSR module with BC01 and the latest
firmware v13.1.

the caracteristics are

§ Bluetooth components: Baseband (including LC), LM and HCI
§ Standard USB (v1.1) and UART (H4) HCI Transport Layers
§ All standard radio packet types
§ Full Bluetooth data rate
§ Operation with up to 7 slaves
§ Operation with up to 3 SCO links, routed to one or more slaves
§ All standard SCO voice codings, plus "transparent SCO"
§ Standard operating modes: Page, Inquiry, Page-Scan and Inquiry-Scan
§ All standard pairing, authentication, link key and encryption operations
§ Standard Bluetooth power saving mechanisms: Hold, Sniff and Park modes, including "Forced Hold"
§ Dynamic control of peers' transmit power via LMP
§ Master/Slave switch. This allows a device to connect itself to an established piconet.
§ Broadcast
§ Channel quality driven data rate
§ All standard Bluetooth Test Modes
§ Standard firmware upgrade via USB (DFU)

i don't have tested yet the full functionnalities  (master/slave and piconet) it's the next step of my job.

best regards


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Hi Franck,

I have a question about your bluetooth implementation using the Mitsumi
Module. Does this Module manage a piconet? Does it support Master-slave
switch? We are using an Ericsson ROK module and we find a big burden in

Thanks in advance

Jon Altuna

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Hi all

today it's a great day ,

i succes with bluetooth on devboard_lx.

I have implemented :

OpenBT 0.0.8 with BCSP and a Mitsumi Module.
PPP 2.4.1
Iptables with Masquerading.

Http, ftp, live radio,lotus notes works well.

Personnes interrested can reach.


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