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RE: nanosleep

Hi again!

My last response was incorret, sorry.

nanosleep is available in userspace and it is correct 
to include <time.h>. Which library do you use? Maybe
nanosleep is not available in uC-libc?.

The following code compiles when using glibc:

#include <time.h>

int main(int argc, char* argv)
  struct timespec sleep_time;
  nanosleep(&sleep_time, &sleep_time);

Do you know which developer board software release
you are building on? Is it a devboard release
or a devboard_lx?

Please send us your application and the makefile if 
you can't get it to compile. 

PS. With the latest devboard_lx release you can tell
the build system to use glibc by typing "make cris-axis-linux-gnu" DS.


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I have problems using nanosleep(). When I compile I get an error message
saying that this function has not been  
defined. I have included <time.h>. When I only use the structure
timespec, i.e instantiating a variable, compilator don't complain.
What do I do wrong?