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Re: ruby python or perl for etrax?

		Hi, Orjan!

>>>>> "OF" == Orjan Friberg <orjan.friberg@xxxxxxx.com> writes:

>>   Has anyone ported ruby python or perl to etrax?  I am most interested
>>   in ruby, but python or perl will do.

 OF> One person was porting python, but I don't know the current status of
 OF> his work.  
 this "research project" closed.
   python development for devboard possible, but it's very expensive
 "porting way" are not hard: set platform-depended values for configure
=== cut == cris-python ===
#! /bin/sh

export ac_cv_c_bigendian='no'
export ac_cv_c_char_unsigned='no'
export ac_cv_sizeof_int='4'
export ac_cv_sizeof_long='4'
export ac_cv_sizeof_long_long='8'
export ac_cv_sizeof_short='2'
export ac_cv_sizeof_char='1'
export ac_cv_sizeof_float='4'
export ac_cv_sizeof_double='8'
export ac_cv_sizeof_fpos_t='12'
export ac_cv_sizeof_off_t='4'
export ac_cv_sizeof_time_t='4'
export ac_cv_sizeof_pthread_t='4'
export ac_cv_sizeof_void_p='4'
export ac_cv_alignmentof_void_p='1'

export ac_cv_opt_olimit_ok='no'
export ac_cv_olimit_ok='no'

export bad_forward='no'
export ac_cv_malloc_zero='null'
export usable_wchar_t='yes'
export ac_cv_rshift_extends_sign='yes'
export ac_cv_broken_nice='yes'

env \
  CC="gcc-cris -mlinux -isystem $EROOT/include"  \
  CPP="gcc-cris -mlinux -E -isystem $EROOT/include" \
  CXX="g++-cris -mlinux -isystem $EROOT/include" \
  LDFLAGS="-L$EROOT/lib" \
  OBJCOPY="objcopy-cris" \
  LD="gcc-cris -mcrislinux" \
  AR="ar-cris" \
  RANLIB="ranlib-cris" \
  NM="nm-cris" \
  STRIP="strip-cris" \
  ../Python-2.1.1/configure \
    --host=cris-axis-linux \
    --prefix=/usr \