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RE: R_PORT_G driver?


Port G is kind of special since the pins are multiplexed
by several interfaces. Interneally we have added support
for port G in gpio.c. This will be available in the next
developer board release (maybe it is already available
in the latest 2.4.x kernel at www.kernel.org but I am not
sure that it has been submitted yet).


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Subject: R_PORT_G driver?

I've been looking for a driver for the geneneral port (R_PORT_G_DATA) 
but can't find one. Shouldn't this be somehow supported by 
arch/cris/drivers/gpio.c, like it does for R_PORT_PA_DATA?

Also, when doing a kernel config you can set default values of
	.. etc.
But why can't this done for R_GEN_CONFIG and R_PORT_G_DATA?