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Re: SNMP and Cron scheduler on ETRAX

Dear Karl

1) I shall be needing the Cron scheduler (not Anacron). Has someone found
the sources and compiled them and how?

We are using dillons cron which has a small footprint. To compile it for
etrax simply add
"include $(APPS)/Rules.elinux" on top of the makefile. Then run make

The source can be found at:

To start it add the entries into /etc/inittab

 cron:3:wait:/bin/mkdir -p /var/spool/cron/crontabs
 cron:3:wait:/bin/cp /etc/cron/* /var/spool/cron/crontabs
 cron:3:respawn:/etc/opt/mnt/bin/crond -l8 >>/var/log/cron 2>&1

Note that the path settings can be adjusted in the file dcron-2.3.3/defs.h

3) I shall also be needing Perl. Has someone installed Perl and how?

We are using Tcl because Perl seems to be too bulky. Tough we would be very
interested in how you progress.



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