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RE: ppp slows boot process


We have a similar problem. 
Almost every time is our systems boot time also about 3 minutes.
Only the first boot after flashit is always quick (20-30 seconds).
We can not figure out why...

It started for a couple of weeks ago but we can not find any changes in kernelconfig.
Now have i also checked the PPP support and that is off.

The system hangs for 1-2 minutes at one of two different places at startup.  
After "Setting up eth0 with ip..." or after "Adding hostname to hosts file"

We thought it maybe were something wrong with our network...
Our problem is propably not connected to PPP, but i thought it could be nice for you Axis people to hear about our problem at the same time.

Regards, Henrik

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From: Ken Klinner [mailto:ken@xxxxxxx.com]
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Subject: ppp slows boot process

I reconfigured the kernel to include ppp asych support (using menuconfig)
but now the boot process is very slow. Takes about 3 minutes to boot my
ETRAX 100LX board as opposed to about 20 seconds before. The board pauses
for over 1 minute between "Freeing unused kernel memory" and "init: starting
up". Speed returns to normal after bootup. Anybody know why?

To confirm I reconfigured the kernel to exclude ppp support, reflashed and
the boot time returned to normal,  ~20 seconds.