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RE: network throughput


Thanks! Fast serial DMA flush was enabled by default with 2.4.14, and
after disabling it, the throughput increased a lot. The numbers are now 
comparable to those you had obtained. The overruns problems is also
much reduced now. 


On Wed, 28 Aug 2002, Mikael Starvik wrote:

> I just remembered one important thing.
> In one of the developer board releases the kernel
> config option "fast serial dma flush" (or similar)
> was enabled. This option improved latency on the
> serial port ut had a large impact on performace.
> This option has now been replaced with a better
> one. 
> Run "make menuconfig" (or similar) and disable
> this option (I think it is in the menu for
> ETRAX 100 buil in interfaces). 
> This would probably also improve the overruns
> alot.