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RE: Java RMI on etrax

We've glanced at gcj and there shouldn't be too much work to make it work
for CRIS/Etrax. The gcj Java class library (libgcj) does contain an RMI
imeplementation as of GCC 3.1, but I don't know anything about its quality.
I don't know the code size but Java code generally takes more space in
native format compared to bytecode format.
There is also Sun's CVM (their J2ME CDC JVM - see
http://java.sun.com/products/cdc/ <http://java.sun.com/products/cdc/> ). It
should be pretty easy to port to Etrax and I would be able to assist you if
you're interested. There is a RMI package from Sun for the CVM v 1.0.1. Note
however that their source code is available for 'research' only. Any other
use requires a license from Sun (i.e. costs money). The CVM will probably
not take as much space as Kaffe but with RMI there's the risk you'll get
close to 4MB anyhow.

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Subject: Java RMI on etrax

Hi all,

I need to execute java rmi applications on my etrax 100 lx based hardware. I
have tried to use kaffe (available on axis developer website) but it
consumes to much flash and my other applications can not be downloaded on
the same time (I have 4 MB Flash and 16 MB RAM).

I have now found the gcj solution at the gnu web site and I am curious if
anyone has tried to use it with etrax. 

Or do you have any other ideas for me if I want to use java and rmi on the

I am most grateful for any answers and tips!



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