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Ethernet thoughput limited


We are having a problem getting the expected network throughput from the dev
board.  We are using the ETRAX100LX dev board on a dedicated network,
running at 100Mbps, full duplex.  We are sending 5000 packets to a Windows
2000 PC.  Each packet has a length of 2216 bytes, but we are only seeing a
max throughput of around 16Mbps.  We would like to get closer to 25-30 Mbps.
On the Windows PC, we have set the priority of our reader to realtime, and
we have set the priority of the process on the dev board to the maximum
priority.  We ran the same test on our corporate network with a PC running
Linux in place of the dev board, and we saw a throughput of around 70 Mbps.
I have turned off the "Fast serial port DMA flush" option with make xconfig.

Aaron R. Polichar
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