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RE: Java RMI on etrax


Thanks for your answer.

When you say that it should not be too much work to make it work (GCJ), what does that mean more in detail?

Changing some makefiles and configures? Or are there porting to be done at the thread, file handling and signal handling layers?

Best Regards,

At 10:49 2002-09-05 +0200, you wrote:
We've glanced at gcj and there shouldn't be too much work to make it work
for CRIS/Etrax. The gcj Java class library (libgcj) does contain an RMI
imeplementation as of GCC 3.1, but I don't know anything about its quality.
I don't know the code size but Java code generally takes more space in
native format compared to bytecode format.
There is also Sun's CVM (their J2ME CDC JVM - see
http://java.sun.com/products/cdc/ <http://java.sun.com/products/cdc/> ). It
should be pretty easy to port to Etrax and I would be able to assist you if
you're interested. There is a RMI package from Sun for the CVM v 1.0.1. Note
however that their source code is available for 'research' only. Any other
use requires a license from Sun (i.e. costs money). The CVM will probably
not take as much space as Kaffe but with RMI there's the risk you'll get
close to 4MB anyhow.

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Subject: Java RMI on etrax

Hi all,

I need to execute java rmi applications on my etrax 100 lx based hardware. I
have tried to use kaffe (available on axis developer website) but it
consumes to much flash and my other applications can not be downloaded on
the same time (I have 4 MB Flash and 16 MB RAM).

I have now found the gcj solution at the gnu web site and I am curious if
anyone has tried to use it with etrax.

Or do you have any other ideas for me if I want to use java and rmi on the

I am most grateful for any answers and tips!



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Peter Fredriksson M.Sc.CE       
Free2move AB            Office +46 (0)35 18 21 90
Pilefeltsgatan 77       Fax +46 (0)35 18 21 99
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